The final lineup!

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On the beginning of year 1976 the new guitarist became .... Miro Di Ghaesa (real name Miroslav Dukic at the time, nicknamed Geza) (ex group Koren, born in 1953) ,and that was the final lineup of the TAKO group........Dusan Cucuz - bas, George Ilijin - keyboards ,flute and harmonica, Miro Di Ghaesa - guitar and Slobodan Felekatovic - drums.

TAKO - ON THE VOYAGE INTO ONESELF - Na putu ka sebi (1980)-Remastered - LP IN THE SLEEPING BAG - track composed by Dusan Cucuz ,guitarwork by Miro Di Ghaesa - (Miroslav Dukic)

For the following year, the group played regularly, with a significant performance at the legendary concert of Bijelo Dugme (the most popular group in Yugoslavia), on August 28, 1977, at the Hajdučka fountain in Belgrade,in front of about 100,000 people. Followed by a tour of the stadiums and sports halls of the largest cities of Yugoslavia where the group TAKO as a pre-group of Bijelo Dugme presented wide auditorium of tens of thousands of people per concert.