A front of 100K people !

Place "hajducka Cesma" - Memories

On August 28, 1977, at that time the most popular rock band in Yugoslavia "Bijelo Dugme" made a big concert in Kosutnjak Park in Belgrade at a location called Hajducka Cesma.
The first pre-group was the group TAKO with a 45-minute performance in front of several tens of thousands of people..

Regardless of the fact that the group had a lot of concerts behind it, the big stage and the strong sound system, as well as between 70 and 100 thousand people in the audience, caused special excitement among the members of the group..

Due to making their own sound, the group set up their own keyboards and drums and amplifiers were used from the stage ....

Drummer Slobodan Felekatovic in action......

For the following year, the group played regularly, with a significant performance at the legendary concert of Bijelo Dugme (the most popular group in Yugoslavia), on August 28, 1977, at the Hajdučka fountain in Belgrade,in front of about 100,000 people. Followed by a tour of the stadiums and sports halls of the largest cities of Yugoslavia where the group TAKO as a pre-group of Bijelo Dugme presented wide auditorium of tens of thousands of people per concert.