Aprill, 1978 / August, 2021

TAKO - Lena - recorded 1978 / remix 2021.


"TAKO" - Lena (author George Ilijin). The album "TAKO" was realized by Radio Novi Sad and RTV Ljubljana in 1978. Remix (retouching) made in July 2021. Audio / Video production ART MEDIA LINE studio.

November 25, 1978

T A K O always wore their own stage equipment and so it was at the BOOM 78 festival in Novi Sad ...


At the end of 1978, the band played at the "BOO 78" rock festival at SPENS sports hall in Novi Sad .in front of several thousand peoplel...

December 11, 2019

About a possible compilation of remastered recordings of the group T A K O on 2CD release ...


Since a remaster has been done for almost all of the tracks from the two albums of the band, a release of all the tracks on two CDs is in preparation.